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so i had this dream...

...and I die.  All of a sudden I'm standing in line to get into the hottest joint I've ever seen.  The music is poppin', the people are dancin' and I can see that everyone is cheering for this gorgeous songstress who's hitting every note just right.  I mean this lady steals your heart with her smile alone but she really owns you the moment that you hear her voice.


As I get to the front of the line, the bouncer points to a huge pile of religious paraphernalia behind him and says, "no relics allowed sir."  I very hesitantly drop my cross into the pile and instantaneously, I'm seated at God's table and she turns out to be the same songstress who's pipes were filling the room with feelings from a whole other level.

So God says to me while we hug, "Hello my love.  I saw you drop that cross out there.  Now you know there isn't any religion in Heaven (I blush).  Baby boy I've been waiting far too long to hear you sing again.  Go plug in JoJo.  Play that one song that I taught ya', Heaven's Bar.  Remember that one?  Oh I love that one!  This is going to be good everybody, now listen up and pay attention cause I love the words.  That's my JoJo up there."

Well ladies and gents, here I am.

Playing that one song, with all of my heart and with everything that I've got.  See you at the next show.