Well hello there and welcome to my website!!

    My name is Joe Zamora and yes I am also known as:


    Welcome to the jungle baby!!  Right here is where you'll find all kinds of info about your favorite Munky.  Through the power of music, I intend to build bridges, save lives, change lives and put a smile on that face of yours.  I sincerely hope to see you at my shows cause I do love to make friends and yes I do mean you!  :)

    Love a good charity?!  Yeah, me too!!  On a promise I made to my mom before she passed, I'm using my talent to make her proud and do my part to help others.  Read more of my plans in the "About" section.

    I've decided to release all of my songs as singles to all the music downloading sites.  When you click on "CHARITY SINGLES" here on my website, you'll find that each song is connected to each of my favorite charities in the whole world.  The very first song I'm starting with is "I'll be home" and if you decide to purchase this song, "HALF" that's right, "HALF" of all sales will go to

    S.A.F.E. ANIMAL RESCUE in Thousand Oaks, California.

    These good folks saved a little dog named "CHAMP" and I just knew they'd be the very first charity on my list.  LOVE YOU CHAMP. <3

    Wanna' hear his song?  This track is called "I'll be home" and it's written from your pets point of view but it can be from a person's point of view as well.

    Just push PLAY on the music player below.  ;)

    *Note:  Depending on performance, passion and consistency,

    I reserve the right to switch and change the recipients of my donations.  :)



    "No one should have to "earn" your respect.  Respect should be given to everyone you meet and "trust" is what should be earned."  - OBM

    Here's a preview of my Facebook page!  You can check out my posts right from my website!

    "One Bad Munky is what I am, not who I am.  My friends call me Joe."  - OBM

    "Manif I was a monkey, I'd be the baddest monkey in the jungle."  - OBM

    "Everyone is the same color, we just come in different shades."  - OBM

    "If you really want to hear me play, shut up and listen."  - OBM

    "If people start to follow you, where will you lead them?"  - OBM

    In loving memory of:

    Dolores Mary Anne Zamora

    "I know it hurt to lose your hearing before you got to hear me play, but now you can hear me all the time.

    I'll always have a seat saved for you mom...

    ​…in the front row."  - OBM

    "You've only got one life, make it mean something."  - OBM